Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Tribals of India

Lawrence King, a reader at department of sociology at the UK's Cambridge University in a research, funded by UK Economic and Social Research Council, criticized the Government of India for continuing with the Sedition Laws introduced by the British in 1870. The Report further states that The tribals of India suffered first at the hands of the British Raj and more recently through exploitation by the Indian Ruling elites and Big Business. The Report then delves deep into the health issues and submits that the health of one group, i.e. Scheduled Tribes (broadly speaking indigenous people), is significantly worse than that of any other—including Scheduled Castes (untouchables). In 2005—06, the under-5 mortality rate was 74·3 per 1000 for the general population, 88·1 per 1000 for untouchables, and 95·7 per 1000 for tribal people; Similarly the proportions of undernourished children were 42·5%, 47·9%, and 54·5%, respectively for the said set of people for the said period. Further, for the same period the proportions of women with anaemia was 55·3%, 58·3%, and 68·5%, respectively for General, S.C's and S.T's.  

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