Tuesday, 26 May 2015


ACP DHOBLE TRANSFERRED AGAIN: Assistant Commissioner of Police Vasant Dhoble is transferred again in four months……the reason…..he tries to implement the law as it is…..Because he tries to uphold the dignity of the constitution…..
He was shunted from Social service branch because he tried to enforce law and regulate the working of late night pubs and lounges so they operate as per law……He cleared the tight scrutiny of Bombay High Court and there was not a single instance of officer doing anything in breach of law……Being transferred to Vakola Division in September 2012 he tried to do again for what he is “paid” for…..implement the law as it is….having my personal office in this Vakola division I had personal experience of the impact of the working of this officer…..the roads were broader, since the encroachment were not allowed…. There was a regular vigil and thus encroachers were not ready to put up their ghettos again….if you see the vile parle east area opposite the station, the road has all of a sudden become broader and beautiful….the unauthorized chaas walas, vegetable and fruit vendors, paaanwalas, etc all have disappeared or are doing their work from the building area and away from the road…. The shops were getting closed on time and there was relaxation for peace loving and law abiding citizens….
He tried to implement the same in santacruz and out of fear of law one encroacher died (the medical reason is brain hemorrhage)…How on planet EARTH CAN YOU BLAME THE OFFICER FOR HIS DEATH….What really happened?? The officer and his team were leading the eviction of unauthorized hawkers and unlike other eviction drive this was not known to the hawkers in advance… Thus when the team arrived, the unauthorized hawkers began to run and it was during this course this hawker died of brain hemorrhage….Full sympathy for the death of the hawker and am really saddened by the same…..However, to punish the officer for the natural death of a person is not only arbitrary but it amounts to victimization…..
….Two transfers in five months when a term of three years is prescribed is certainly a transfer of punitive nature and can not be granted without due notice and enquiry….The contention of the Hon’ble Chief minister that the probe of death of the Hawker by CID has to be impartial and thus the officer was transferred to non executive post is without any merit…..How does the CM shaeb explain this when CID is entirely independent from an officer posted in Vakola division…If this argument is taken then officer should be suspended and why transferred. Further, if this yardstick is taken then 1/3rd of CM saheb’s Council of Ministers should be shunted out as there are enquiry against them under various charges including corruption while in government…..Day in day out we complain sitting in our bedroom that police is not doing their job….but when a police officer does his job we want him to do as per out convenience….…
Fools were the people who paid lakhs or rather crores for their stalls….fools are the ones who pay their taxes for better and broader roads……we should construct our houses on public places …we should carry our business from public spaces by constructing our offices on the public land….after all we are the public… we can gather in hundreds and we can compel our MLA and Our MP and finally the CM saheb to remove the officer…
Does the officer deserve this??? Yes of course…. he is going by the rule book… “how can he do that”…he is non corrupt “how can he be”…There is not a single instance of Corruption against ACP Dhoble in spite of him being in police of years……. “how can he be allowed” ….Look at the “wrongs” he has done in the past….He raided Amar Juice centre (JVPD) which is operating on public land and beyond the hours and above the gutter…..wait for some time the things will become “normal and regular”…. there will be congestion ..There will be encroachment …….there will be complaints….there will be corruption and there will be no “anti encroachment drive” and there will be no ACP Dhoble …..Jai Hind
Mera Bharat Mahan….Sau me se Ninayave Beimaan…….

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