Tuesday, 26 May 2015


Aam aadmi party is here to stay: in spite of the near blank and the drubbing, as perceived by many, AAP is here to stay. The recent election results are interesting for more than one reason. The results are beyond imagination and is an eye opener for pokitical pundits. Simply talking of aap, it is clear that you can not ignore them. Politics, more than anything else, is a game of perception. The perception about aap among its leaders and supporters including media was very high after the delhi election and what I call delhi experiment. Therefore all the talk of aap being over is like criticising sachin tendulkar for only making 40 runs and not a century. The decision of the party to contest on all india basis has only strengthened the base of the party. The party today can boast of all india presence and support base. There are number of political parties with ideologies like that of aap but the success of aap is more than that. With 4 MP's from punjab alone and decent share of votes all around the country the party has hit the mind and heart of the nation. With bjp lead NDA in power and gradual decline of communist parties in india the aap is here to fill the space left over by communist party. With the rising globalisation combined with liberalisation and privatisation one section of society with its anti capitalist stand is bound to be the support base for aap. Aap is here to stay.

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